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Welcome to Manila Buddhist Zen Center



 The Corregidor Island is approximately 40 kilometers away from the southern side of Manila and 8 kilometers away from the southern extremity of the Bataan peninsula. It is a volcanic island which stretches 5.6 kilometer and width of 2.4 kilometers. During the Spanish colonization period, it was the battlefield of both Spanish and American troops and during World War II, it was when the American-Japanese battle occurred. Before the invasion of the Japanese in 1941, Bataan Peninsula was a strategic location for defense and therefore is a famous historical site with war memorials, soldiers’ cemetery and canons. Accommodations are available at the luxurious Corregidor Hotel and Resorts. There is also Manila-Corregidor Sun Cruise, which can board up to 150 passengers and its Manila dock is located beside the PCC Complex. The Sun Cruise operates once a day on weekdays and twice a day on weekends. It departs at 8 in the morning and starts boarding an hour before the departure time.

Just an hour ride away through the southern highway of Manila, Hidden Valley is a treasure spot for tourists, with its clear waterfalls, flowers, trees and birds. People can enjoy nature’s water pools—its waterfalls flowing down form Mt. Makiling and clear spring water from underground. It is perfect for a day trip or even an overnight stay or two nights with its great accommodations available nearby.

Just an hour and a half ride away from Manila, that one can enjoy the beautiful sceneries of farms and coconut plantations. It’s a great place to getaway from the city’s noise and pollution. After having a moment of rest, one can enjoy Villa Escudero’s family museum. It has been display several religious arts, eastern vase collections, costumes, animal specimens and historical artifacts since the Spanish colonization period. After touring the museum, one can enjoy the Carabao pulled wagon ride towards the resort. Also the coconut pavilion, there are several water activities you can do by the lake—swimming, bamboo rafting, and fishing. Lunch is served by the Labasin Waterfalls, with its tables set over the 20 centimeter deep flowing water. It will be a memorable experience for tourists to eat traditional Filipino foods with their feet submerged in cool water. In the afternoon, people can enjoy watching how to harvest coconuts and visiting villages. Near the lake, accommodations available in summer cottages made of bamboo and palm trees.

The Pagsanjan Falls is located in Laguna, just two hours away southeast of Manila. Ridingon on a boat with the water currents towards the fall is the climax of the trip. The boat can accommodate two passengers and two boatmen who will pull the boat. Throughout the ride, it’s normal to get wet everyone on a boat .But it isn’t dangerous. Once you arrive at the fall, you have to ride the bamboo raft to go through the falls and experience its greatness. The ride way back takes only around 30 minutes. Many tourists who visit in Manila usually go to Pagsanjan Falls, especially honeymooners and friends. Accommodations are available and it is also good for a day trip.

Caylabne Bay Resort: Puerto Azul is located in south eastern area “Laguna”. The best part of the trip is going up to the fall and shooting down the rapids. The boat can accommodate up to two passengers with two boatmen. Throughout the ride, one may get wet but it isn’t dangerous.

Taal Lake and Taal volcano considered as an active volcano are located in south of Manila, in a famous vacation spot called “Tagaytay”. One can see both the lake and the volcano from here. The lake formed when it erupted within the previously formed lake at the second time. One can see the volcano closely through the telescope in the observatory. Tourists can enjoy different leisure activities like tracking, picnicking and horse-back riding. There is also a golf course near the lake. It is good for a day-trip but accommodations are also available nearby. There is a famous hotel called “Taal Vista”, which is usually packed with tourist. So it is recommended to make a reservation.